Our Company is specialized in the follow areas


Iin the study and research field
- research for minerals
- research for oil and gas
- study and research for drinkable and industrial water

In the application and implementation area
- high depth and many levels underground parking spaces
- construction of pilots for bridges and overpasses
- foundation consolidation with pilots and impediment of ground instability
- soil reinforcement into weak geological formations
- drillings for water, oil and gas
- mineral research with samples
- different anchoring and jet grouting
- hydro insulation panels into hydropower

At this moment we are a strong and very well equipped company, having in our possession contemporary machineries. With all these powerful equipment as like “Casagrande C600”, MAIT HR 180, etc, we are able to implement diaphragms with a depth up to 58 meters and pilots up to 66 meters and 2 meters diameter. Meanwhile, other machineries complement and cover the needs in the market. We do continue to invest, systematically, within programs and long term strategies, with the purpose of creating a modern and very powerful company.


Kullat Binjake
Nr.2  Kati  IV
Tiranë, Albania
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